About CFP

Hello, I am Vishal, everyone calls me Vish. I am the founder of CFP.  I strated doing this for the love of analog photography! My passion is photography and to promote this medium. 

If you are in Hong Kong, you may most likely catch me shooting the streets of "Shum Shui Po", every sunday in the mornings.


How did this all start?

By profession I was an I.T. guy, but now Camera Film Photo has become my fulltime job.  My goal is to share my enthusiasm with you and let more people continue to enjoy the fun of film photography. You may want to know why and how I entered the film photography industry. The reason is very simple. When I was working as a I.T. profession, I was very busy and sustained tremendous pressure with my day to day job. Later, I chose to help myself relax through photography and distract myself from my busy life. I have been shooting on film since 2007, and I am very interested in the characteristics of different films. 

In 2013, I got a very rare opportunity to become the exclusive distributor of Rollei analog range of product in Asia. Headquartered in Hong Kong, Camera Fim Photo is located in one of the fastest and most dynamic cities in the world. After Photokina in 2014, the brands we cooperated with have increased. Currently in 2019 we are responsible for the following brands:   


- ILFORD, Harman Technologies (Hong Kong) 
- Rollei (Asia)  
- Bergger (Asia)  
- Cinestill (Asia)  
- AgfaPhoto (Hong Kong, Japan)  
- Tetenal (Hong Kong) 
 - Japan Camera Hunter Product (Europe, Asia)  
- Heliopan (Hong Kong)  
- Cura (Global, except France and Japan)  
- TAAB, Lens Focus Tab (Hong Kong) 
- Camera Sling by Sakura (Hong Kong)  
- Extended Photographic Material (Hong Kong) 


In addition to distribution, we also operate   online, the online store offers a wide range of high quality film photography products.   

Interview with Big Head Taco 

Street shootout with BHT, Ian and Anne 


If you have any questions about film photography, feel free to contact us. We can help from choosing the right camera, film or simply provide some advise regarding analog photography!

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