ILFORD Harman Warmtone Developer 1L

ILFORD Harman Warmtone Developer 1L

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  • Made in: EU
  • Type: Black & White Developer
  • Capacity: 1 L
  • Dilute: 1+9 (For 10L)
  • Remarks: Liquid concentrate developer that gives a warm image tone to your prints. Suitable for developing traditional resin coated (RC) and fibre based (FB) black & white photographic papers.

HARMAN WARMTONE is a liquid concentrate developer suitable for dish/tray developing all traditional black & white darkroom papers. With excellent keeping properties, HARMAN WARMTONE uses a dilution of 1+9 to give prints a stunning look with warmer blacks and creamy highlights that enhance the look of darkroom prints. We do not recommend its use for high temperature or machine processing applications. This product is not suitable for developing films.

  • Liquid concentrate print developer
  • Suitable for RC and FB papers
  • Warm image tone
  • For dish/tray developing
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